Patented Camouflage. For Professionals. Developed in Germany.


PHANTOMLEAF Textiles GmbH is the textile specialist and producer of PHANTOMLEAF  fabrics. 

PHANTOMLEAF Textiles GmbH develops and sources woven and knit fabrics globally. Our domestic partners produce to the highest quality standards with testing being completed by accredited labs. 

Headquartered in Switzerland, we ensure long lasting and high quality fabrics that give our customers the leading edge when performing their duties. Our experience and know-how allows PHANTOMLEAF to have the flexibility to provide it's customers with the best solution for their fabric and technology needs, as well as the ability to develop and test new products.


PHANTOMLEAF products are being supplied exclusively and undisclosed to NATO friendly authorities in the field of Law Enforcement and Armed Forces [LEAF], in these fields the technology and it's systemic approach have been proven in action. 

For the commercial market PHANTOMLEAF offers it's WASP II camouflage pattern in three colour variants Z2, Z3A and Z4. This commercial pattern incorporates all the benefits of the PHANTOMLEAF technology and combines an exclusive look with striking camouflage quality. 




PHANTOMLEAF® how the technology works 

PHANTOMLEAF's technology breaks up the silhouette in a unique manner. In combination with multilayer structures, it effectively merges the object indistinguishably with it's surroundings and has an outstanding performance in long range reconnaissense,  particularly however during observation from short distances.

The PHANTOMLEAF inherent function targets the interaction between information processing in the perception chain, enabling the wearer to submerge in a wide range of surroundings such as grass, dry branches, meadow and foliage in their variety of colors and lighting conditions.

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Garments and products are available from PHANTOMLEAF specialist dealers and partners.

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